Emotional Peacemaking

We Are Not Broken​​

We actually do things very well. We create the feelings and emotions about ourselves and our world based on the exposure to our environment and the important people in our lives. 
We create positively and we create negatively.

We enter this life, and immediately start picking up the energies of our environment. Even in the womb, we are sensing the emotions of our  mother, ranging anywhere from love to fear.  We are then born, and are immediately exposed to our new physical environment. We learn and adopt these energies of our new surroundings beautifully! 

Our view of the world starts forming. Is it a safe place…….. a warm and loving place……or is it a scary, fearful  place  filled  with  tension and anger?

These energies support our creation of the emotions that steer our life. These emotions form the lenses from which we start viewing all that is around us. By the time we reach our 7th birthday, the basic prescription for these lenses has been established.   We go forth into the world, unconsciously viewing life through these lenses. We create our own, personal “Model of the World”.

Along the way, we may have experienced severe traumas in our life including events on the battlefield, accidents, and abuse,  causing our "lenses" to adapt and evolve for our own protection, self-preservation and perceived wellbeing.

What is your  “Model of the World” today? Is it one of a warm and loving place filled with joy and happiness, kindness, self-worth, confidence, enthusiasm and appreciation…or is it something else?

At some point in our lives, we may decide that this “prescription” is not working anymore…… or in-fact never really did. We start asking the question,  "Is there another way of viewing all that is around me……another way of viewing  myself…….another way that would better steer the course for the rest of my life?"

By discovering  how our bodies represent and hold these unwanted emotions, and assist in their change,  the view of the world begins to shift in more positive ways that support you.

Learn to take charge of your Model of the World……. Learn to take charge and transform those unwanted emotions.

Experience and learn the process of Emotional Peacemaking. 

As Richard Bandler once said......."It is never too late to have a happy childhood.

Val Jolley C.Ht, P.NLP


To creatively and intuitively guide and inspire others to the highest version of themselves, in a caring and compassionate way.


Hi Val,
Overall I'm feeling happier and my whole being is lighter.
One in a while I'll feel a jab of sadness but it is fleeting.
I'm smiling all the time now.
I feel like lots of happy days ahead.
Thank you.
Steve - Portland, Oregon

Good Morning!
I wanted to convey my deep thanks and appreciation to you for your work yesterday. I may not have conveyed how profound the experience was for me, but please know you changed a big part of my emotional life.
I wanted to tell you that I slept so deeply last night. I haven't slept in more than one to two hour increments at night for months now. I slept so soundly for almost 9 hours straight, so this morning I feel so amazing and light!
I try not to think of my Mom's passing everyday, but it's hard. Today was the first day where I actually heard in my mind, "it's OK" when I thought of her and the exercise with you yesterday.
The thought of her not being here doesn't feel like a punch in the gut! 
I know that on the other side she has seen how her actions, or inactions, affected those around her. That is very comforting to me now and I'm no longer going to focus on the "I'm sorry" that I'll never hear.
Thank you so very much for the gift you've given me. I'm so thankful I stepped out of my comfort zone and listened to the voice in my head that told me I needed to be there yesterday.
As soon as I have the time I'm going to schedule a session with you.
I hope you and your beautiful wife have a great day!!

Vickie - Portland  
  (from recent workshop) 

It has only been one day since we worked together and I can honestly say you have opened up a whole new world to me. Peace and calm are available to me in previously quite troublesome areas!
Thank you with a very full heart for my new found freedom and health. I look forward to the coming positive changes with curiosity and excitement.
With joy, thanksgiving, and respect.

 Portland, Oregon

 Val is a kind, caring and thoughtful coach and practitioner. Each and every time I've worked with Val, I felt truly listened to and understood. I always feel like I can turn to Val when I need help because he's received training in so many modalities – it's like he's got a huge toolbox he can draw from when we're working together. I highly recommend Val for anyone who's looking for support from someone who can be truly present, will work to understand your needs, and then use his myriad skills to get you exactly what you want. 

J.Sarver, CHT, P.NLP
Portland, Oregon

 Val is truly a gifted Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer.  He is warm, kind, and caring and I feel totally safe in my sessions with him to share personal experiences and information that I wouldn't share with just anybody.  Val has helped me through some rough spots in dealing with my family members and I appreciate his insightfulness and his ability to assist me in uncovering and engaging more of my own truth and inner wisdom.

I highly recommend Val and believe those who find him are the lucky ones!

N. Young, Energy Healer, Reiki Master
Portland, Oregon

*These techniques are not in any way meant as a substitute for standard medical, 
psychological, or psychiatric treatment. Proper diagnosis and treatment of mental 
and physical health disorders requires qualified, medical professionals. A physician's 
referral may be required prior to the commencement of sessions.