I am originally from Southern California, relocating to Portland in 2009. I have 2 grown wonderful sons still living in California. 

I have experienced many interesting places, people and things in this lifetime. I have always felt connected with my fellow human. This connection has only grown stronger as time goes on. I have always had a desire to assist others.  

 I served 4 years in the US Navy in the Hospital Corp during Vietnam.  For over 30 years I was involved in emergency medical treatment and ocean rescue work as an Ocean Lifeguard with the Los Angeles County Fire Department Lifeguard Division.

 My interest in helping, has led me to study many different modalities and treatments. Along with being a Hypnotherapist and NLP & EFT Practitioner, I am a practitioner of Quantum Touch, & Reiki.  I have also worked as a Brainwave Technologist  providing Brainwave Optimization sessions.  

I was first drawn to the field of Hypnotherapy and Energy Psychology after experiencing their power, first hand. Sessions helped me to make some very important "shifts" in my life.  I continue using 'self-hypnosis' and meridian tapping daily to maintain my emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.

I received my Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP credentials from The Apositiva Institute ( here locally in Portland.

Some of my other interests include photography (, swimming, snow skiing, and spending time with my partner Susan, our kids, three grand-kids,  and our faithful companion Dalai,  our yellow lab, enjoying  the many things that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


One of my main goals in doing this work, is a desire  to be available to assist our returning  veterans with the traumatic experiences they have endured. The sacrifices they have made are heart wrenching indeed. All that we can do to help them collect back the scattered parts of 'self' these warriors have lost, is so very important.

 For more information for veterans who need help, or for those who would like further information on how they can get involved and help, please follow this important link.   Veterans can become part of an ongoing research project "The Veterans Stress Project" using EFT for the treatment of PTSD, at no cost to them.
 If you have any further question around this, please contact me and I will be glad to assist you.

Emotional Peacemaking